The new Delaney "Everest" pickups have a
great dynamic range and versatility for a lot of
different styles with a vintage foundation. They
are very responsive to how you play. These
pickups are the pinnacle of humbucker tone!
The Everest humbucker set has short Alnico 5  
magnets still staying within a reasonable
output range. Bridge pickup (approx. 8.5K
ohms) and neck pickup (approx. 7.7K ohms).
The shorter A5 magnets will provide a great
vintage tone along with longer sustain and
more punch. The Everests are assembled with
vintage #42 gauge plain enamel wire, maple
spacer blocks, steel base plates and 4
conductor lead wires.
They come with your choice of nickel, black,
chrome, raw nickel or zebra finishes.
Raw Nickel
Everest set            $260.00
Everest Neck         $130.00
Everest Bridge        $130.00
Please allow 2 weeks for your pickups to be built!
Delaney "Everest" Humbuckers